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“Why should I buy from Rasmussen Diamonds?”  A very popular question and one that deserves a thorough answer.   For 110 years, Rasmussen Diamonds has been an important and active member of the Racine economy.   Founded right here in Racine in 1900, we are proud to remain family owned and operated.  Most of our staff, including our owners and managers, is happy to call Racine home.   On a business-to-business level our goal is to support and purchase from local companies when practical.  One of the most important privileges of being in business is giving back to the community that supports us.  Last year alone Rasmussen Diamonds was able to support more than 50 different organizations with donations of products, gift certificates, monies and volunteer hours totaling more than $100,000.  We’re always looking for new groups and new ways to support.

Local Racine Area Jeweler for over 100 Years…

For more than 100 years, Racine and southeastern Wisconsin have trusted Rasmussen Diamonds to be the most professional and well educated jewelry store in the area.  With the wealth of information available to the consumer from sources such as the web (unfortunately not all of it accurate) you can trust that we will stay abreast of the most current and accurate information and explain it to you in a way that enables you to make the most educated buying decisions.  It is our privilege and responsibility to educate our customers.

In today’s market, there are countless places to buy jewelry and we appreciate your choice to buy from Rasmussen Diamonds. With your help we will continue to be an active and thriving business in Racine and southeastern Wisconsin.  With your help we will continue to support local charities and organizations with our donations.  With your help, we will continue to be a professional, well educated, and trusted organization.


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