At Rasmussen Diamonds, in addition to the relationships we seek to develop with you and our community, our commitment to being “fully engaged” also challenges us to excel in a wide variety of services. Check out the comprehensive list below. Chances are, it includes whatever you might be looking for.

Ring Sizing
Soldering cracked rings, broken chains, etc
Shortening chains and bracelets
Jewelry Inspection and Cleaning
Jewelry refinishing
Watch Battery replacements
Watch Bracelet/strap adjustments
Jewelry Appraisals
Short term secured jewelry storage (vacations, open houses, etc)
Gold Buying
Re-design/Remounting existing jewelry
Custom design jewelry

Ring Sizing
Determining the correct size for a ring is not an exact science.  Many different factors can affect how a ring fits you.  The design of a ring as well as physical variations can make a ring fit differently.  Our fingers change from month to month, day to day, and even hour to hour!  The foods we eat, physical activity, temperature are just a few factors that can make a difference.  Our professional staff can help determine the size that will work best for you.

Soldering cracked rings, broken chains, etc
It’s not uncommon for pieces of jewelry to crack from time to time. While the metals used in jewelry are strong, they are still relatively fragile compared to the items we encounter in our daily lives.  Rings can crack; bracelets and chains can stretch and break.  We are able to repair most cracks and breaks.  Often however, a style of chain my not lend itself to being repaired, or repairing the piece might cause other issues to arise.

Shortening Chains and bracelets
Many chains and bracelets can be shortened to fit more comfortably.  Also, over time gold can stretch causing that 18” chain to become 19” or 20” and be just too long.  We are often able to shorten those chains back to a more comfortable length.

Jewelry Inspection and Cleaning
We are happy to check and clean any of your jewelry, always with our compliments.  Even if it wasn’t purchased from us! It takes just a few minutes and is done while you wait.

Jewelry Refinishing
While a good inspection and cleaning can do wonders, sometimes you want that extra little “sparkle and pop” to your jewelry.  Our goldsmiths are able to refinish almost all items.  Fees for this service vary from piece to piece and based on quantity.

Watch Battery replacements:
We are able to change most watch batteries.  Some watch designers however have unique tools to open the backs of the watches.  Watch batteries are always replaced with our compliments, even if the watch was not purchased from Rasmussen Diamonds.  A special note: Most watches have gaskets and seals around the case back to help with their water resistance.  We are able to replace most of these gaskets if they are damaged. Some watches with greater water resistance have been factory sealed and must be returned to their respective service center for resealing.  If we aren’t able to help you with your battery, we can give you’re the contact information for the appropriate service center as well as shipping materials to help you get your watch serviced.

Watch Bracelet/Strap adjustments
Most watches use a standard pin/sleeve combination for adding and removing links.  We have the tools to adjust just about any watch bracelet.  Again, as with the case backs, some watch designers has specialized tools to adjust their bracelets that we may not have access to.  As with batteries, if we can adjust the bracelet or strap, it’s always done with our compliments.  We do have a small selection of replacement bracelets and straps in stock, and can special order a large selection of others.

Jewelry Appraisals
Rasmussen Diamonds is proud to have a Certified Gemologist Appraisers on staff.  There are only 400 CGA’s in North America. All CGA’s must recertify for their title yearly.  Our onsite gem laboratory is accredited by the American Gem Society and the Independent Jewelers Organization.  Our appraiser is also a Graduate Gemologist from The Gemological Institute of America. Established in 1931, the Gemological Institute of America is the world’s foremost authority on diamonds, colored stones, and pearl.  The Graduate Gemologist diploma is their highest title, with the only passing grade being 100%. Appraisals are done by appointment only. Please call or email

Short term secured jewelry storage:
On a case by case basis, we are able offer a secured storage of your jewelry for a short period.  Please contact store owner Kathy Sustacek for more information.  or 262-884-9474

Gold Buying:
Click HERE for our page dedicated to our gold buying services.

Redesigning and remounting existing jewelry:
Have a piece of jewelry that could use some freshening up? Maybe a new setting or a new look all together?  Our staff is happy to help you pick out just the right piece.

Custom design:
A stock design not the right thing for grandma’s original diamond?  Have an assortment of mismatched diamonds or colored stones and can find something to set them in?  Let our staff help design a piece as unique as you are to showcase your stones.

Limiting conditions on repairs:
Rasmussen Diamonds will perform all work in a professional and cautious manner, but cannot be held responsible for damage occurred due to the limiting conditions and/or the fragile nature of customer’s jewelry.  This may be due to but not limited to: lightweight mountings, flawed or fragile or chipped stones, poor manufacturing, very worn items, poor workmanship performed previously by another jeweler, or sizing up or down beyond the limits of the ring.  Pieces not purchased from Rasmussen Diamonds may have warranties or guarantees that might be voided if worked on by someone other than the original seller.  Rasmussen Diamonds will not be held responsible for voiding those warranties/guarantees if the customer requests that we repair their jewelry.