Fully Engaged Cafe

The Fully Engaged Cafe was designed to be a casual, all-inclusive cove, set apart from the rest of our store, where dating couples can relax and learn about the whole spectrum of jewelry for their engagement.

Occasionally, we notice that the only thing on a young couple’s mind is the diamond engagement ring. And while that’s certainly the most popular piece, wedding jewelry is about more than that. Each of you also need wedding bands (you know, the rings you put on each other’s finger during the wedding ceremony…the ones the Best Man better not lose). You should also start to learn about inspections, cleanings, insurance, and even consider other pieces of jewelry as gifts for your wedding party. Since you’re about to get extremely busy planning a wedding, we think it’s easier to take care of all these things at once, rather than try to piece them together one by one over several months. In short, by making sure we’ve covered all the bases, we’ll show you what it means to get fully engaged.

Of course there are hundreds of individual rings in the cafe from which you can pick and choose. But these packages pictured below are examples of what it would cost to get fully engaged at various levels. Hopefully they give you a good point of reference. As you can see, it’s possible to get fully engaged regardless of your budget.

Here at Rasmussen we’re all about relationships. Your relationship with each other is what brought you here. And we hope the time you spend in the Fully Engaged Cafe will be the beginnings of a long relationship with us as well.