Cleaning and Maintenance

Jewelry Cleaning and Maintenance

So you’ve got all this great jewelry, now how do you keep it looking its best? Rasmussen Diamonds is happy to check and clean your jewelry for you, even if you didn’t purchase it from us originally. It takes just a few minutes! We recommend having your jewelry inspected at least every 6 months and more often on the pieces you wear daily. If you’ve got a special event like a wedding or party coming up or even just for a night out on the town, let us brighten up your jewelry before you go!

“I paid good money for this jewelry; I should be able to wear it all the time!” We can certainly understand your feelings here, but sadly, the amount paid for something doesn’t always translate into improved wearability. Here’s a list of times we STRONGLY suggest removing your jewelry: yard work, washing the car, while sleeping, anytime you’re in a pool/hot tub, etc. A good rule of thumb is if you change your clothes because you don’t want to ruin something good, it’s a good time to take off the jewelry too! Each type of gemstone and each style of jewelry carry with them a unique set of care requirements far too diverse to list in one message. We’ll touch on them as we go along, but if you have a specific question, please email it to: